Blues for the Net

Lyrics By Melody Pierson & Charles Guerin...


Verse 1
Since my server left me
My site has no place to dwell
I've gotta check all my luggage
at the Bill Gates Motel..
My page ain't
It just ain't loading
I could cry...

Verse 2
My password was protected
till I met Hack the Knife
he backslashed all my hyperlinks
and logged on to my wife
My pages ain't loading baby
My pages ain't loading 
I could cry...

Verse 3
I can't Excite my Yahoo
I NetSearched half the nite
My DNS has PMS
and you know that just ain't right
My pages ain't loadin', baby
My pages ain't loadin',
I could cry.

Verse 4
Say Billy can't you help me
I can't wait for my fix
My world  won't  dot calm down
Till Windows 96
My pages ain't loading, baby
my pages ain't loading...
I could cry...

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