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Selected ICIWeb Site Designs & Hosting Services.
Algemarin - Discover the beauty secrets of Sea Algae, known by the best Ocean Spas for centuries, and transform your bath into a private Spa experience. RELAX

The Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation's URBAN ISSUES website. The URBAN ISSUES PROGRAM nurtures and sustains community projects through a combination of financial support, networking opportunities and educational activities.

MaroLodge is the perfect location for company seminars or meetings. Set in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains, visit their site today.

Source ID
Air Tango is the recording studio owned by Judith Henderson. It has become home to many of Montreal's singers and musicians who have found a magical environment in which to create their productions. Designed by Entechnovision, ICIWEB now hosts and updates this site.


Bronfman Foundation - Urban Issues
Tales from The Neverending Story

Film Finances Canada provides completion guarantees and bonds for feature films, MOWs, TV series,animation, documentaries and multi-media projects. This site is maintained by FILM FINANCES CANADA.
Film Finances Canada
Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc. is a major force in the Canadian entertainment and communications industry.
Muse Entertainment Enterprises
One of MUSE's ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES latest productions: The television series based on the movie, The Neverending Story. Sample the site here.


Alain Lefevre is an award-winning and world-reknowned concert pianist. This site features a classical carousel displaying the artist's CD's, music clips and international reviews.
Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses
Palmas De Majorca Condominiums - Cocoa Beach Florida; Looking for the perfect condominium in Florida? ...Now THIS is something SPECIAL!

The Canadian Jewish Congress - National website. Committed to preserving and strengthening Jewish life, CJC acts on matters affecting the status, rights and welfare of the Canadian Jewish community, other Diaspora communities and the Jewish people in Israel. Updated daily.





Canadian Jewish Congress
Wendy Liebman is a talented comedienne who regularly appears on Jay Leno, David Letterman and in comedy clubs across North America.
Unique Corporate Gifts
The Recovered Alocholics Worldwide Network

Equestrian Live is a "pet-project" of ours (pardon the pun) in development. The objective of the site is to broadcast horse shows of all disciplines on the Net; LIVE or with a one-hour delay. Hey, we've got the technology.

We will also feature other equine-related sites that we either develop, design and/or host. If you are interested in getting in the ring, either as a sponsor, rider, stable owner, trainer or otherwise, please contact us. Email Us at: info@iciweb.com N.B. This site is under development.







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Source ID ...Canada's leading supplier and service company for bar coding, tags and industrial printing.







Psssssssst....Ever wonder who the guy is behind the voice of Mr.Goodwrench, Labatt's and other TV and radio commercials? Find out at here....
Jim Connell





Based in Texas, The Circle S Ranch and Horse Transport Service Company has been in the business of horse transportation and boarding for over 30 years. A reliable, full service establishment.

Call them for your horse transportation or boarding needs.


French Formula Hairspray is BACK!





French Formula Hairspray is Back! If you missed it, discover the original - again. You loved it then - you'll love it again! Created by Hairdressers in the 60"s, French Formula was a success story because it worked. And now, they have Styling Gel, too!



Slim Williams is one of Canada's foremost musicians. A composer, producer and performer, Slim's work has been featured on television and film. This site is under development.
Slim Williams
Bekunis...for your health! Natural Relief...: )








Palmas de Majorca Condominiums








Unique Corporate Gifts has launched their online catalogue just in time for business people to simplify their shopping needs via the Net.


St. George's School of Montreal
The Recovered Alcholics Worldwide Network serves as a portal and online bookstore for Alcoholics Anonymous.


Eircan Accounting Services
Danbury Sales Inc.
Danbury Sales Inc. Originally brough into the world of the Net by ICIWEB: Auctioneers, liquidators, appraisers and consultants. This site is frequently updated with new auction information and now run by a firm in Toronto.
St. George's School of Montreal. Montreal's choice for quality education. This site is maintained by St.George's School of Montreal.






Arx Capital Inc.



ARX Capital's goal is to maximize the return on your portfolio, while providing you with all the support and advice you need to protect and grow your financial holdings. This site is maintained by ARX CAPITAL.
Hired by the Canadian Federal Government, ICIweb created this site to display and report Tourism Canada's findings on hotel and motel accomodations. This site is currently in their archives.










Eircan Accounting Services is online to demonstrate the advantages of outsourcing your accounting needs. This site is maintained by EIRACAN.
Danone Institute Canada



Danone Institute - The research division for Danone Yogurt. Originally designed by ICIWEB now maintained by Danone.


RACHEL KORN a profilic Jewish writer whose work is remembered and drawn upon world-wide.





Mel's Book & Grill



Mercan Capital Inc.
Camp Maromac
Camp Maromac is a summer haven for 200 children, ages 6-16, located on the shore of beautiful Lac Quenouille near Ste. Agathe, Quebec, in Canada's breath-taking Laurentian Mountains.
Geyser Consulting - "Strategic Partership Marketing Guidance"...Geyser helps you to aquire new customers, new distribution opportunities and more...click here: http://www.geyserconsulting.com




WENDY KAMENOFF- MTV, VHI, NBC..Wendy Kamenoff shines on and off screeen with her gift of comedy, acting, voice-work and more. This woman is a powerhouse. Check her out.
Mercan Capital Ltd. are the premiere immigration specialists in Montreal. Originally designed by ICIWEB, it is now updated in Asia, while still being hosted with us.
Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses: Professional association originally designed by ICIWEB, now maintained by CFMHN.


Mel's Book & Grill is the personal web home of Melody Pierson and features lighthearted content and a musical jukebox with Melody's original tunes.



Alain Lefevre
LPS Change Money Systems is a new company offering a unique method of cashing in your coins.
French Dressing Jeans

French Dressing Jeans - The Ultimate in women's jeanswear. Finally, a company that understands women!
ICIWeb provided the "look & feel" art direction. Digital Magic continues its development.


Wisteria Antiques
WISTERIA ANTIQUES - Internet Auction Specialists and Estate Sales. Located in Hudson, Quebec, these people know their business.
The Last Post Fund
The Last Post Fund was created in aid of Canadian War Veterans to assist with burial services and extended services to their families and friends. You may also visit the French version of this site at Fonds Du Souvenirs. These sites are maintained by LPF & FDS.
Eric Young
Eric Young, Florida based, specializes in voice-overs and is on-staff at WCLR as a producer. Visit his site. His MP3 is on the way!

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Since 1987, the VOX O MAX mission has been to produce and supply top quality voice messages to companies and corporations wishing to stand apart from others. Visit their site at http://www.voxomax.com

KTI RACING -Kart Tech International has been involved in the sport of kart racing professionally for over two decades.Their main objective is to inform individuals in the sport how to maximize their performance and be very competitive at all levels of kart racing, as well as, to guide them to understand the true fundamentals of kart racing and its technical aspect.
JAMMERS - T-Shirt and Sleepwear Manufacturers...This site is under development.